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Dried leaf bookmarks.

Materials :

Dried leaves and flowers

Lamination sheet/OHP sheet/Bookcover plastic

Scraps of vintage looking paper

Wool or silk tassel

Laminator or clothes iron

Tracing sheet/ Parchment paper





Eyelet punch and eyelets (Optional)

Directions :

Step 1 :

Cut your base paper in the desired measurement. I have taken 17 cm x 5 cm rectangular piece from an old book.

Step 2 :

Place your base paper on the one side of your lamination sheet or on your plastic sheet.Arrange your dried flowers and leaves on the base leaf as desired. Try selecting flowers that are flat. Also if you are having trouble with arranging the flowers

(I also added a paper embellishment , but thats completely upto you.)

Step 3 :

So this is the main part. Take your time and do it carefully.

With a laminator - Well if you are using a laminator, jus close your lamination pouch and run it through the laminator. But make sure your lamination pouch is at least 2-3 cm bigger than your base paper from all sides (Just to be safe) You can trim the excess after your lamination is done .

With a clothes iron - If you don’t have a laminator, its completely okay. I made this one without the laminator and trust me its super simple.

Take your arranged sheet and place it on one side of the parchment paper. Now cover your composition with the second piece of plastic and turn your parchment paper over your bookmark.

Place any cloth over your parchment and iron it normally. Make sure your cloth is not too thick or else the heat won’t transfer to your bookmark.

Once you iron it properly your will see that all the edges of the plastic are sealed.

Let your bookmark cool down.

Trim your edges until you are satisfied.

You can also use a corner punch for rounded edges but thats completely optional.

Step 4 :

Punch your bookmark on the top centre part. Add an eyelet if you wish for extra protection.

And lastly add your tassel.

Step 5 :

If you do this craft project, I would love to see your versions of this craft ! Follow me on Instagram and tag @_the_artbox in your photos of your finished bookmarks!

Eagerly waiting for your creations.

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